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Casa de Bruxa


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Casa de Bruxa

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Tânia Gori

He was born predestined to have a life linked to spirituality. Her maternal grandmother was the daughter of Gypsies, and she lived many practices of this people day by day, and during her life she shared teachings, rituals and even tarot reading with her granddaughter.

As time passed, the thirst for knowledge only increased. Tânia, who had learned many Gypsy spiritual practices from her grandmother, realized that there was a fine line between what she had learned and witchcraft. From that moment on he felt the need to make his own discoveries, and began his studies in the area.

Fascinated with philosophy, with the practice of magic and contact with nature, she began to realize great advances in her life and felt that she was on the right path. But unfortunately, witchcraft was not widespread in Brazil, there was even a great prejudice, Tânia had to seek knowledge in contents from outside the country and started her own journey within witchcraft, creating in a few years the concept and practice of natural witchcraft.

The call for witchcraft was great and in 1997 Tânia founded Casa de Bruxa, in Santo André, ABC - São Paulo. A space where she could pass on all her knowledge and train people within natural witchcraft and its aspects. Classes, courses, celebrations, consultations and rituals take place at the house.

Over more than 20 years Tânia Gori has created a great legacy, in addition to the various courses she teaches, she is the author of 4 successful books "Natural Witchcraft A philosophy of life - Natural witchcraft V.1 A school of magic - Natural witchcraft V .2 The magic of conquest and ABC of magic special rituals for love and conquest ". In 2003 he founded the largest witch convention in the country, which takes place annually in Paranapiacapa, and attracts thousands of people.

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We are a family owned and operated business.

The travels:

In addition to all the courses in the esoteric area Tânia Gori also conducts adventures! Every year a trip to a different magical destination, national and international trips!

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